Utility Bill Assistance



Utility assistance from Oklahoma Gas and Electric

There are a couple primary programs / options available to individuals who need assistance with paying their utility bills, or who just need a little more time.


Oklahoma Gas and Electric partners with the Salvation Army to offer the Lend-A-Hand program. This is a service that gives the utility company the opportunity to help those who may be having trouble paying their utility bills. The program is mostly funded by customer donations, and this is accomplished by customers who are simply adding a few extra dollars to their OG&E monthly payment when they check the Lend-A-Hand box on their monthly utility bill. The customers entire donation / contribution will be forwarded to The Salvation Army branch in Oklahoma which then distributes the funds to help pay for electricity, gas, heating oil, fuel or firewood for any neighbors in need of utility bill assistance.

For more information on the Lend-A-Hand options, please contact The Salvation Army office in your local area of Oklahoma. If you need help in locating the nearest office of The Salvation Army in your county, call 405.840.0735.

Deferred payment plans

This is an option that provides people time to pay their bill or get back on their feet. If a customer suddenly finds them self unable to pay an utility bill, Oklahoma Gas and Electric is pleased to offer alternate payment arrangements to those customers. To avoid a cutoff or disconnection of your service, be sure to contact the utility company by phone beforehand and request what is known as a deferred payment agreement. Please call 405.272.9741 in Oklahoma to speak to a representative.