Utility Bill Assistance



Utility Bill Assistance from Florida Power and Light Programs

For customers who are facing a crisis and need immediate assistance with their energy bills, the Florida Power and Light Care to Share Program may be able to provide help. This program provides people with assistance on their utility bills, if the customer is experiencing a crisis situation and if they are unable to pay their electric bill.

The program is funded by donations and contributions from FPL customers, local businesses, matching corporate contributions from FPL, employee donations and also donations from other people and groups. Funds and grants are distributed and administered by local nonprofit and/or government agencies, including the Salvation Army. Since the Care to Share program was founded in 1994, almost $12 million has been distributed to help people with their utility bills. Since its inception almost 55,000 Florida families have received utility bill assistance.

As indicated above, customer and corporate donations and contributions fund the program. Money donated to the FPL Care to Share program will stay in the local community, and may help your neighbors. All contributions and donations are collected by FPL, through a partnership network of nonprofit human-services agencies and non-profits. These various charities and organizations, including the Salvation Army and others, administer energy-assistance funding to people in need. There are no administrative fees as part of the program, so all contributions go directly to the needy for energy assistance.

If you apply and are accepted into the FPL Care to Share program, a household may receive assistance on their utility bills of up to $500 for electric service, however it will be provided to applicants only once in a 12-month period.

The Care to Share program is run at the local level. To apply for aid, you can either contact FPL, and they will refer you to an agency. Or you can contact your local Salvation Army branch, or community action agency. Other information is provided too on the program, and read more.