Utility Bill Assistance



Allegheny Power utility bill assistance for West Virginia customers.

Communication and working with a customer service representative is key when trying to get assistance from Allegheny Power in West Virginia. The earlier you start to communicate with them the better, and the more options they can provide you with. Some of the standard utility bill assistance programs include those listed below.

Allegheny Power Community Energy Fund (CEF) - This is a donation program that was started by customers and is matched by the utility company. It may be able to provide financial assistance to low income or struggling customers who are faced with a crisis and who need emergency help with paying their monthly electric bill. Read more.

Allegheny Power Bill Extender Plan - Customers that get federal government pension benefits or if they receive Social Security then the Bill Extender Plan is available. It really helps for budgeting, in that the power company may be able to adjust the due date of their utility bill to coincide with the arrival of the customers check from their pension.

Dollar Energy Fund - All energy companies across West Virginia are part of this charity program. After an Allegheny Customer has used all other resources available to them, such as the Salvation Army, government LIHEAP, local non-profits and anything else, then the dollar fund can come into play. It can provide emergency funding when all other options have been used up.

Statewide programs are offered by the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR). They are funded by both the federal and date government. Specifically the programs are known as the Emergency Assistance Program (EAP), the 20% Energy Credit Program as well as the Emergency - LIEAP (E-LIEAP). EAP is for customers who have a disconnect notice, and they need to bring it to their county DHHR office. Energy Assistance is provided in the form a one time payment that is applied to the customer's account. On the other hand, E-LIEAP is an emergency/crisis program, and a grant can be paid to customers who received a termination notice after applying and qualifying for LIEAP. The last option, the discount program, can help reduce low-income customers’ utility bills by 20%.

Local non-profits, charities, and government programs can be accessed from a social service agency list that is maintained by Allegheny Power. Many local groups can provide grants, and guide and help people apply for assistance, or direct individuals towards financial assistance, grant, or weatherization programs.

Allegheny Power can be reached at 1-800-255-3443. Call their customer service department to learn how you can get utility assistance from these, or other assistance programs.