Utility Bill Assistance



Assistance with energy and utility bills from Avista

Many Oregon families are struggling to keep current with paying their monthly utility bills. It may be the one expense that most people need help paying in today’s difficult economic environment. Avista has several different services available for its Oregon customers to help them during difficult times.

Senior citizens who can’t qualify for Project Share or Energy Assistance Grants (maybe because their income is too high) can take advantage of the services offered by a Senior Energy Outreach Center. These locations may be able to assist senior citizens who currently struggling with paying their utility bills, and who are living on a fixed income. The application process is quick and easy, and eligible Avista customers in Oregon can get a $300 grant to use towards paying utilities, and eligible Avista non-heating customers can get a $100 grant, so the program is open to all individuals.

Another program which mainly provides information, support, and guidance is known as CARES. An Avista customer will work one on one with a customer service representative, and they will help determine if the customer qualifies for energy bill assistance grants and/or financial aid. For example, the customer serve rep can help qualifying low income customers apply for the low income weatherization program, they can take actions such as help low to moderate income customers with special problems and with a low income find assistance from other agencies, non-profits, and charities within the community. CARES can also arrange payment plans and options.

Avista in Oregon partners with local community action agencies across the state to offer grants for utility bill assistance, heating system improvements to customers who qualify, energy conservation and weatherization (such as insulation and air sealing). They will also not hesitate to partner with charities and government programs on a customers behalf.

Avista Project Share is a program that provides emergency energy bill assistance for individuals and families in the service region. A one time cash payment can be made from this particular assistance program. Read more.

Call Avista in Oregon at 1-800-227-9187 to apply for financial assistance.