Utility Bill Assistance


Assistance from Duke Energy Share the Warmth

The Share the Warmth program is an assistance program that will help Duke Energy customers by providing them with  financial assistance and cash grants for paying home heating bills. The program is funded by various people and organizations, including the Duke Energy Foundation, customers of Duke energy, local businesses, as well as funds from Duke Energy’s Bulk Power Marketing (BPM) revenue sharing program.

Funds will be distributed to low income individuals and families who live within the Duke Energy service territory in North Carolina. Since the utility bill assistance program’s was created back in the mid 1980s, tens of millions of dollars have been provided to those in need, and many people have been able to keep their utility service on during the winter as a result of the funds.

The program is run at the local level in North Carolina by various agencies, including the United Way, community action agencies, and local non-profit organizations. In total, over 80 agencies across North Carolina, who are located within the Duke Energy service territory assist in the distribution of the funds to eligible low income applicants.

The Duke Energy Share the Warmth program does have limited funding, and unfortunately not everyone will be able to receive a cash grant from it. The program is always looking for donations from the community, and many Duke Energy customers contribute to it. All funds are tax deductible, and the money will go to helping the less fortunate pay their utility bills. Funds are focused on people who are most at risk, including the elderly, disabled, and families with young children. All contributions do go towards providing direct emergency assistance to members of your community.

When you call your local community action agency, church, or charity to apply, applicants will need to meet conditions in order to receive assistance. This may very based upon organization accepting applications. Be prepared to prove your need for emergency funding, and have supportingg information including pay stubs, copies of utility bills, proof of household income and members who live in your household, and more. Duke Energy wants to ensure the funds go to people who truly need the assistance.

You can find contact information on your local community action agency in North Carolina at www.communityactionpartnership.com Contact the agency to ask them how to apply for the Duke Energy Share the Warmth program.