Utility Bill Assistance



Utility bill assistance from Dominion Hope in West Virginia.

Dominion Power strongly recommends that customers call them as soon as they miss a payment, or receive a delinquent notice. The fact is that the earlier you call Dominion, the more options they will be able to provide you and the more solutions they can offer to assist. Some of the programs are federal or state of West Virginia, and others are funded directly by Dominion Power. A number of payment plans and assistance programs are administered for qualified low income customers.

A cash payment can be provided by LIHEAP to help Dominion Power customers pay their energy bills. Most of the financial assistance is targeted at those who are unemployed, out of work, or people who live on a fixed income like seniors or the disabled. The West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources (phone 1-800-642-8589) runs this federal government funded LIHEAP program. Applications can also be picked up at your local community action agency.

West Virginia Weatherization can help low income people save money. Eligible lower income and working poor customers can receive free weather stripping, caulking, heating system retrofits, insulation and other energy bill-savings measures, and this is also run by a community action agency.

Discounts and the Special Reduced Residential Service Rate Program can provide up to a 20% discount on Dominion Power bills. All gas and utility companies provide this service. It primarily runs during the winter and fall, and assistance is only offered for people who receive Food Stamps, SSI, WV WORKS, and who are 60 years of age or older. This is a Special Reduced Residential Service Rate Program that was established by the state of West Virginia to assist certain eligible participants.

The Salvation Army of West Virginia works with Dominion Power to offer a resource known as Dominion Hope Heat Fund. This can assist low income customers with paying their gas bills. The Salvation Army across the state administers this fund which is made up of tax deductible donations from customers and employees of Dominion Power. Call 1-800-688-4673, or read more.

The Dollar Energy Fund, also known as the West Virginia Utility Assistance Program, is also offered for low income to moderate income customers of Dominion Power. It can pay utility, gas, and energy bills, and is offered to people whose can’t qualify for other aid. Maybe it is because their income is slightly too high. Cash grants are available to customers who may not be eligible for LIHEAP due to their income maybe being too high.

Customer service representatives will work with customers to find the best payment plan for their unique needs.