Utility Bill Assistance



Utility bill assistance from Consumer Energy in Michigan

Consumer Energy both offers many of its own financial assistance programs, and they also partner with the state of Michigan and the federal government to ensure customers have a wide variety of options and programs available to them. Below are highlights on some of the energy programs.

Heating service shut off plan - This particular assistance plan provides year-round protection to Consumer Energy customers and others to provide their service from being from shut-off during the winter. Customers are required to pay a small portion of their heating bill, usually around ten percent, in order to be eligible for the protection plan.

PeopleCare is an emergency assistance program that is run by the Salvation Army. The program can help low to moderate income individuals and families with addressing their emergency needs, including help for paying energy, utility, and gas bills. Other expenses can be covered by PeopleCare too. Learn more.

State of Michigan Home Heating Credit (HHC) - A state tax rebate that was created to help reimburse Michigan homeowners for home heating bills and expenses.

Consumer Energy supports weatherization. The energy conservation program is free for qualified people who need certain poverty thresholds. Weatherization can provide participants with free energy bill saving updates to their home or residence.

Michigan Winter Protection Plan - This is really a program that defers your utility, gas, or electric bill until later. It may assist low income Consumer Energy customers with protection in that their power can’t be turned off from November to March 31. The Winter Protection Plan is an option for low-income customers and seniors age 65 and older. As indicated, customers are ultimately responsible for paying their energy bills, but it provides them time to make those payments.






The Heat and Warmth Fund (THAW) can provide help with utility bills to Consumer Energy customers. This program is also offered across Michigan, and it provides emergency help and grants to low to moderate income families and individuals no matter where they are in Michigan. The focus is on customers who are in danger of losing heat or electricity during the winter months, and money can help pay back or current gas and electric bills. Read more.

Consumer Energy Medical Emergency Protection is for people with a hardship that results from a documented medical or health care condition. Basically if you can’t pay your utility or energy bill due to this condition you are provided additional time to get back on track.

To learn more about these programs or other options, or to enter into payment plans with Consumer Energy dial (800) 477-5050.