Utility Bill Assistance



HeatShare energy assistance program.

Several thousands families receive assistance with utility bills every year from the HeatShare program in Minnesota. The program has been in operation for over 30 years, and it is run by the Salvation Army and accepts contributions from individuals and businesses in the community.

The HeatShare program can provide cash assistance and grants to pay all types of utility bills, including propane, wood, natural gas, electricity and others. In addition, from time to time as funding allows, money may even pay for heating system repairs and tune ups.

Families and individuals who apply and are found to be qualified can receive financial support. Funds are provided by the generous donations from utility customers across the state of Minnesota. Both individuals and businesses voluntarily contribute to the Salvation Army HeatShare program through one-time donations sent to The Salvation Army or their monthly utility bills. The tax free donations go directly for financial assistance programs in your local Minnesota County. In addition, Rural Electric Associations of Minnesota, CenterPoint Energy, Xcel Energy, Aquila, Minnesota Power, Minnesota Municipal Utilities, Minnesota Mechanical Contractors Association, and Minnesota Active Retirees all contribute to HeatShare. All administrative costs are paid for by The Salvation Army. If you want to help a neighbor during a difficult period, please feel free to make a tax deducible donation to HeatShare.

Not only does the program help the low income with direct financial assistance, but other services can be provided by HeatShare and the Salvation Army in Minnesota. Those service include:

  • Budget counseling, so families can learn which bills to prioritize, how to save money, and receive financial aid.
  • Offices can direct individuals to weatherization programs and services.
  • Grants and direct financial assistance can be provided for energy and utility bills.
  • If for some reason the Salvation Army can’t help you, they can usually refer you to other social service programs and provide information.

Funding is limited. Priority is usually given to one or more of the following.

Disabled individuals whose physical capabilities or disability limits their ability to pay their bills and maintain their income to adequately cover energy bills.

Seniors who live on a fixed income and whose income is too low to pay utility bills.

Families and individuals across Minnesota who have experienced an emergency may apply for assistance. For example, if you lost your job, had a medical emergency, or some other condition then HeatShare may be able to assist.

You will need to call and apply at your local Salvation Army office in Minnesota. One of the main branches is in the Minneapolis region, and can be reached at 612-767-2700.