Utility Bill Assistance



Get utility assistance from Mississippi Power

If you have lost your job, are struggling in the weak economy, or just need a  little assistance with paying your Mississippi Power utility bill, you do have a few different options and organizations that you can turn to for assistance. The programs available include:

Utility Bill Extender
This assistance program is a payment plan that is made available to Mississippi Power customers whose primary source of household income is some type of government program such as Social Security, or maybe their source of income is a monthly check that the customer receives but once a month. These customers often times need to schedule and pay their utility bill at a certain time of the month. If you may fit this category, please call the customer service number at 800-532-1502 to see if you qualify for the bill extender program.

Assistance for Temporary Aid to Needy Families (TANF)
Another resource that is offered by Mississippi Power is a program that offers each eligible SSI/TANF recipient a reduction and or discount on their monthly electric bills. If you may be receiving some type of federal government aid or assistance from the state of Mississippi, please call the agency at 800-532-1502 or visit your local government office to receive a form for eligibility. The form that you complete needs to be certified by either the Mississippi Department of Human Services or the Social Security Administration to qualify for the discount on your energy bill.





Low Income Assistance Rate
In addition to the resources and services mentioned above, there are a number of other resources, utility bill assistance programs, charities, and local community action agencies that offer help with paying energy and cooling bills for low income, unemployed, handicapped and elderly customers. Some of these different agencies and charities include:

  • Gulf Coast Community Action Agency
  • Multi County Community Action
  • Jackson County Civic Action
  • PRVO