Utility Bill Assistance


Missouri Gas Energy

Several different utility and heating bill assistance programs are offered by Missouri Gas Energy. Some of the resources are administered directly by the utility company and other programs they can help customers apply for, such as government energy assistance or local non-profits.

Low income Missouri Gas Energy customers can apply for the federal government low income energy assistance program, otherwise known as LIHEAP. The program may be able to low-income households with paying their home energy bills. All households can apply for help starting in November, however the utility assistance program does start taking applications for disabled and elderly households in November.

Payment plans can be provided to people who fall behind on their bills. Missouri Gas Energy wants to ensure that customers are warm and safe, especially during the winter. They will work with customers to try to prevent a disconnection. MGE offers qualified low income customers with a wide range of payment, budgeting, negotiated bills, and energy bill assistance to its customers.

The Mid-America Assistance Coalition partners with Missouri Gas Energy to offer the Neighbors Helping Neighbors program. This is a charity type program, and employees and customers donate money to provide emergency assistance for people who need assistance with paying their utility bills or meeting other emergency needs and costs. 1-800-582-1234

This service also provides you the opportunity to help someone else. All donations to the Missouri Neighbors Helping Neighbors are tax deductible. The total amount you donate during the calendar year to this program will be reflected on your billing statement the following January, so you will both receive a tax benefit and help someone during a difficult period. Even donating a dollar can help. Also MGE helps out by making a matching contribution to any donations made.

Struggling customers or people who had an unexpected crisis come up and who need assistance paying utility bills or meeting other emergencies have received the help they needed from Neighbors Helping Neighbors funds.

Missouri Gas Energy follows the Cold Weather Rule regulation. This runs from November 1 and remains in effect through March 31 of every year. The Cold Weather Rule can assist low income, elderly and struggling customers with delinquent accounts and bills. The intent is to limit or prevent service disconnections or to help people get their service reconnected during the winter. If you are facing a hardship and if you are unable to pay the full amount of your natural gas or utility bill and want to take advantage of MGE's Cold Weather Program, call customer service below. There are some conditions that need to be met, including staying current with any payment plan.

Call a representative from Missouri Gas Energy at (816) 756-5252 in the Kansas City metropolitan area or dial (800) 582-1234 if you live in other parts of the state. They can assist you with payment plans, state and federal government assistance programs, and more.