Utility Bill Assistance



Assistance from New Jersey Comfort Partners.

This is an assistance program that was created by the state of New Jersey, and it was designed to help people save on and reduce their utility bills. The bottom line is the goal is to improve energy affordability for income eligible households across the state. This primary objective is accomplished through the review of the homes current energy usage, and based upon the results, the program provides for the direct installation of energy efficiency measures, personalized customer energy education, advice, and counseling. The Comfort Partners Assistance Program is available to any income qualified New Jersey household with significant utility, gas, and/or electric and gas use. To be eligible, applicants need to have a total household income at or below 225% of the federal government poverty guidelines.

The companies and others that participate in the Comfort Partners program will partner with homeowners to help them reduce their monthly utility bills, and therefore help them save energy and money. The program is free, and it will help them make their home more energy efficient.

As part of the program, Certified Building Performance Institute contractors will install energy saving and conserving measures in the applicants home to help them lower their monthly utility bills. Homeowners will also be taught new ways to conserve energy and how to create an Action Plan to support their efforts.

As indicated, the program is offered at no cost. Direct installation of cost-effective energy efficiency and conserving measures in the applicants home (determined on a home-specific basis) which can include: replacement of inefficient refrigerators; efficient lighting products; hot water conservation measures (water heater insulation, water heater pipe insulation and energy-saving shower heads and aerators); heating/cooling equipment maintenance; programmable thermostats; insulation upgrades (attic, wall, etc.); blower-door guided air sealing; duct sealing and repair; and various other conservation other measures.

Call toll-free at 1-888-773-8326 for more details on New Jersey Comfort shares or to apply for assistance.