Utility Bill Assistance



Utility assistance from NSTAR

Individuals who are struggling with paying their utility and heating bills have access to several assistance and grant programs from NSTAR. Several programs are offered directly by NSTAR, and others are offered in combination with the state of Massachusetts or the federal government. Some of the programs include fuel assistance, discount rates, assistance with arrearages, and many others. Get information on many of the services below.

NSTAR Payment Plans - This is an option if you are overdue on your energy bill. It provides customers the opportunity to make payments towards their bill over time as they can spread out payments on their bill.

MassSAVE - Some customers may be eligible for a free Home Energy Assessment. Energy efficiency specialists will review and answer customers energy-saving questions to determine if they are qualified for the assessment. If so, the assessment provided will include an analysis of the customers home's energy use, they will provide free advice for saving conservation tactics. The program may also provide rebates on recommended energy improvements. Those customers who are currently receiving NSTAR's Discount Rate (see below), may automatically be eligible for a free home energy consultation or conservation measures, which may include, but is not limited too, refrigerator metering as well as the installation of conservation measures.

Discounted Utility Rate - Customers who are currently receiving certain government means-tested benefits, such as LIHEAP, food stamps, or other public benefits, may qualify for fuel assistance or NSTARs discounted rate.

NSTAR Arrearage Management Program - Individuals and customers who are having difficulties with paying their utility or heating bills may qualify for assistance from the NSTAR's Arrearage Management Program. This program provides customers the opportunity to catch up on their bills in a more timely fashion.





Note that NSTAR electric customers who currently receive NSTAR's Discount Rate may also be eligible for another assistance program known as the Energy Efficiency Program for Lower Income Customers. This will also help ensure customers are using their service as effectively as possible.

Fuel Assistance Program - If your household income is below the state of Massachusetts median income, you may qualify for financial assistance and grants toward your heating and utility bills. Most Fuel Assistance customers will also be able to qualify for discounts on their heating, gas, energy, electric, telephone and water bills. Call a local Salvation Army or community action agency to apply.

Salvation Army and NSTAR Good Neighbor Energy Fund - Your local Salvation Army Branch in Massachusetts will administer this financial assistance program. The fund will help qualified customers pay their monthly energy and heating bills. This program can often assist people who do not qualify for any other government or private assistance programs. Call your local Salvation Army or NSTAR to apply.

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) - NSTAR fully supports the federal government funded utility assistance program, and will encourage customers to participate in it.

To learn more about any of these utility bill assistance programs from NSTAR, or to apply, call the company at 800-592-2000.