Utility Bill Assistance



Central Maine Power financial assistance programs

This utility company focuses on two of its own financial assistance programs. However they work closely with various charities and not for profits across Maine, and through this partnership customers have many more options for paying their electric and heating bills. Most of the utility bill assistance programs are administered by community action agencies in Maine. The programs they offer themselves are the Low-Income Assistance Program (LIAP) as well as the Electricity Lifeline Program. Learn more about all of your options below. Central Maine power can be reached at 1-800-750-4000.

Low-Income Assistance Program (LIAP) -  This program is for LIHEAP qualified customers of Central Maine Power. Maine’s various utility companies are required to create a supplemental LIAP assistance program to make electric bills more affordable for LIHEAP-eligible customers. The LIAP program can offer qualified customers with a monthly discount on their utility bill.

Electricity Lifeline Program - A credit can be offered to low income customers from this program. The goal of the Electricity Lifeline Program (ELP) is to offer qualified low-income customers a credit on their electric bill. This amount of a credit provided to a customer will be based on the customers household income and estimated electricity usage.

Non-profit partnerships. Central Maine Power works closely with community action agencies, charities, churches, and non-profits across Maine in order to provide financial assistance to customers who need assistance with paying energy bills. Oftentimes it is determined that these various local agencies are in close contact with low income and struggling families, and the community action agencies can be the most effective organization in ensuring help gets to where it is most effective. A listing of the various agencies to call for assistance with utility bills are below, and always keep in mind that these places are in close contact with Central Maine Power.

  • Augusta Area, Kennebec Valley Community Action, 1-800-542-8227
  • Portland Area, Peoples Regional Opportunity Program, 1-800-698-4959
  • Bangor, Penquis Community Action Program, 1-800-215-4942
  • Rockland Area, Penquis Community Action Program, 1-800-585-1605
  • Bath Area, Kennebec Valley Community Action, 207-859-1500
  • Sanford Area, York County Community Action Corp., 1-800-965-5762
  • Belfast Area, Waldo Community Action Partners, 1-800-498-3025
  • South Paris Area, Community Concepts, Inc., 1-800-866-5588
  • Ellsworth Area, Washington Hancock Community Agency, 1-800-828-7544
  • Kennebec Valley Community Action Program, 1-800-542-8227
  • Farmington Area, Western Maine Community Action Corp., 1-800-645-9636
  • Kennebec Valley Community Action Program, 1-800-542-8227