Utility Bill Assistance


Access Energy Cooperative ReCare utility bill assistance.

In an effort to help low to moderate income families keep their utilities on, the company uses donations from the public as part of Access Energy Cooperative ReCare. The program can assist those that have run out of LIHEAP energy bill assistance or that do not qualify, they support customers facing a crisis, and ReCare can help those at risk of a health issue. So the program is wide ranging in what it does.

While it may assist with paying some utility bills, it is limited in scope as well as duration. It is paid for using donations, which come and go throughout the year. So the company, as well as the charities that partner with it, have zero control over the total funding levels. Which means they have no control over how many families can get utility help and have no control over what dollar amounts are issued.

Many of those that qualify have done everything they can to conserve energy and have used up their LIHEAP grants for the year. Then, if they have a crisis such as a medical issue (illness, spouse dying, etc.) then Access Energy Cooperative ReCare may step in to fill the short term need. Maybe a few dollars can be issued for paying some of a heating or utility bill to put off a disconnection.

Others that are supported may be seniors living on a fixed income. Donations from the program may help an older people keep their heat on during the winter or maybe keep their air conditioning and/or fan on during the summer. Those tend to be expensive times of the year as the cost of keeping utilities on is greater due to the weather.

Note Access Energy Cooperative ReCare will not pay the entire bill of the customer...not even a senior citizen. So they should look for other options at the same time. Maybe an agency on aging center can be used for information, or maybe the senior can turn to friends or family. Another option, in addition to this donation program, are local social service agencies.






Donate to make a difference

As anyone can see, the program can be effective at offering short term relief. Donations do make a difference in the community. The money can sometimes even be enough to keep someone warm that is facing a life or death issue.

Contributions can be made in an dollar amount. 100% goes to helping the customer pay their utility bill. Access Energy Cooperative ReCare will not keep any donations for overhead. In addition there will be tax benefits given to the donor, they can feel good that they have made a difference, and the effort counts. In addition, Access Energy Cooperative may also match some donations from time to time.

As noted, this is short term, one time energy bill help only. If the customer needs additional, long term support they should also seek other options. There are a couple indicated above (including LIHEAP and social service groups), but customers should always do an extensive review. For more details on applying or donating, dial 1-866-242-4232.