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Adams Electric Project Helping Hand utility donation program.

Hundreds of families that use Adams Electric are usually able to benefit from the Project Helping Hand. This is mostly due to the generous donations from people and businesses in the community as the program relies on donations. If and when someone falls on challenging times, local human service agencies may be able to direct residents to Project Helping Hand. Funds can be paid out in a crisis, and as a last resort, to those that qualify.

Thousands of Adams Electric members contribute to the fund from a Rounding-Up of their monthly electric bills to the nearest whole dollar amount. The difference in that amount, which can range from a cent to 99 cents, goes to help the less fortunate through Project Helping Hand. It is a form of assistance for utility and electric bills and the money will stay in the co-op.

For those that donate, it works as follows. If your electric bill is $64.76, it would be rounded up and you would pay $65 for that month. Your bill would show that you are giving 24 cents to the Project Helping Hand program. Not only that, but anything you give is tax-deductible, however you can always check with your accountant or tax advisor. All contributions made go directly to assisting qualifying Adams Electric members with their utility or heating bills. There are other ways to donate to, and they include send a personal check, have a donation added to your bill one time per year, or stop by a center. You can sign up any time, and call 888/232-6732 to enroll.

There is no commitment. People can also cancel their monthly contribution at any time as well just by using the phone intake process. Just notify the Adams Electric co-op to do this and they will cancel your participation in Operation Round Up, no questions asked.






Financial aid is offered for those facing a crisis and is a last resort. Adams Electric customers that were assisted in the past may have had an unexpected job loss, medical illness, or some other crisis. Or maybe winter and summer weather extremes in Pennsylvania caused your bill to skyrocket, and compounded with other hardship, someone fall behind.

There is a screening process and not just anyone can receive help from Operation Round Up. So your hard earned money/contributions will be put to good use.

The Project Helping Hand is operated by the co-op as 501(c)(3) non-profit status. The money will go to those that qualify for assistance, and the funds stay in the local community. In addition, for your tax records and purposes of a deduction, your annual donation to Project Helping Hand through your electric bill is noted on your January and February bill each year. Call 888/232-6732 for more details. Your donation will make a big difference to someone that is struggling.




By: Jon McNamara


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