Utility Bill Assistance


Aiken Electric Operation Round Up assistance.

The two main goals of the Aiken Electric Operation Round Up utility program are to both allow families the means to donate to give back to their community and to also provide assistance to struggling customers. What happens is all of the money that is contributed to the fund will be passed out to families that have met the terms of the application process.

To donate, there are a few methods in place. Maybe the most commonly used is when a current customer in South Carolina will round up their utility bill to the next while dollar amount. This is done on a monthly basis, and the extra rounding up amount is used to fund Operation Round Up. As an example, if a bill was $67.34, it is rounded up to $68 for that one month. The different of 66 goes to the program. This round up can also be stopped at any time.

Aiken Electric Operation Round Up will also accept a one time contribution. So someone can call customer service and send a check to the administrator of the fund. The money will be used to help less fortunate households pay their energy costs.

Other sources of donations to Operation Round Up come from the company itself as well as employees and management. They will often contribute some money to Round Up, or they will match other contributions up to an extent. This too will help more customers get the assistance with their energy bills that they may need.

When applying for the Aiken Electric Operation Round Up service, it is very limited in scope and funding. Some of the primary goals are to keep the electric service on, especially for heat during the winter months, for those people that are sick or facing a medical emergency.

Donations from the sources referenced above, and others, pay for this assistance. That means that the application process is strict and focused. The goal is not to supplement or replace federal programs such as LIHEAP, but rather the money from Operation Round Up is for customers that are facing a challenge that is out of their control.






Assistance will not be provided to families that have mismanaged their income or are living beyond their means. The applicant will also need to explore all other sources of utility bill help first, so Operation Round Up is known as a program of last resort.

When seeking assistance from Aiken Electric, similar to any program the applicant should bring adequate proof of their need and circumstances. This includes, but is not limited to, income, identification, residency, and copies of old utility bills. They should also bring clear reason of they they need help and what the underlying cause of the crisis is. In addition, clients should bring details on what they will do in the future to resolve the crisis situation.

The main phone number to call for more information, or to apply to Aiken Electric Operation Round Up, is below. Call 1-800-922-1262.