Utility Bill Assistance


Alameda Power and Telecom Project EASE donation program.

Qualified residential customers from Alameda Power and Telecom who are struggling and are unable to pay their electrical bills may be able to get assistance from Project EASE. The program is formally known as Energy Assistance through Supportive Efforts. It relies on donations and contributions from the community and all money raised is for assisting people that have no other options available to them.

The Alameda Power Project EASE program provides those that qualify with short-term emergency assistance. It is only for income qualified customers who are a crisis situation and as a result, they are financially unable to pay their bills for a short period of time. Any aid is one time only and is not a recurring, government subsidy type payment plan. It is only available as a last resort and is intended to help those that qualify after all other government and non-profit resources have been expended.

As noted, voluntary customer contributions and donations are used to fund the EASE - Energy Assistance through Supportive Efforts program. Matching grants will also often be made by Alameda Power and Telecom.

Unfortunately there are periods in which anyone can be faced with a crisis. The company knows that some customers want to pay their utility bills, but can't because of family illness, loss of work, or other emergencies. If you were a customer who in the past did pay their bills on time and were financial stables, and if you now need assistance on paying your utility bills, then call the company for more information. (510) 748-3900.

EASE is very limited in scope. The maximum payment for each household or customer is $200 within a 3-year period. Alameda Power and Telecom administers this program and is also in charge of determining eligibility. Funds from this program are also available and are paid out first-come first-served. There are no waiting lists for those that are approved.






Please give back and donate if you can. Even just a few extra dollars per year or month can go a long way towards helping a neighbor in need, including children or the elderly. Contributing is easy. You can call the company to learn about your options, but they can include sending in payments by mail or paying a little extra on your bills.

The additional funds contributed to Project EASE will be accumulated and then will be devoted to assisting low-income residents of Alameda Power and Telecom with paying their monthly utility bills. Those customers who apply and that also qualify for low-income assistance and any payments will be screened to determine eligibility.

From time to time, those who don't necessarily qualify from the low income levels may need some assistance as well due to personal difficulties. These funds that are resided from donations will be used to assist qualified, low-income customers. The money can be used in an emergency to help others on a one time per year only basis.