Utility Bill Assistance



Alliant Energy Hometown Care Energy Fund assistance.

Donations from the community are used as part of Alliant Energy Hometown Care Energy Fund to assist with paying utility bills. The program was created as a last resort for those customers facing exceptional hardships. It can often help on a one off basis, and it can be combined with other assistance programs as well.

When applying to the Hometown Care Energy Fund, a full assessment will be done during this process. The agencies that administer it will require proof of income, hardship, and medical conditions, if relevant. Since it does rely on donations from both Alliant Energy as well as the public, the funding is limited and only paid out to those customers that meet all of the qualifications in place.

Donations to Alliant Energy Hometown Care Energy Fund

First, note that anyone can contribute. Over the years thousands of dollars have been given to the program in an effort to provide utility bill assistance to families. The donations come from local fund raisers held throughout Minnesota, employees, companies, and even generous members of the community.

Rounding up an energy bill to the next highest dollar amount is one way to do this. This means that if someone has a utility bill of $81.23, they will pay $82.00 that month. The balance will be contributed to Alliant Energy.

Alliant Energy will also accept one time contributions to the Hometown Care Energy Fund. Any dollar amount is appreciated. No matter whether it is $1 or $50, the money will go to help keep the electricity on for qualified customers.

Find help from Hometown Care Energy Fund

There are multiple ways to apply. Many people call the customer service department in order to learn about the program. They may also be given referrals to local application sites. Or they can contact the United Way 211 service. This is one approach to take.






Many social service agencies in the community also can provide a wealth of information on Alliant Energy Hometown Care Energy Fund. There may be staff who can answer questions or advise on the application process. In some cases, they will even support the customer on applying for utility bill assistance. So the process can be hands on.

When seeking help, there will be proof of hardship needed. The program known as Hometown Care Energy Fund was only created to help a certain target audience. This will be those with an exceptional hardship that need their power for a medical condition. Or maybe a senior citizen needs heat to stay warm. Also, proof of income and need is required.

Assistance is short term in nature. This usually provides the customer time to resolve their hardship. In fact, many people will then go back and donate themselves to Alliant Energy Hometown Care Energy Fund once they have improved their financial hardship. This means they request short term heating bill help, and then they give back to the larger community later by contributing back to the service in appreciation of what was given to them.

There are no rules or conditions on how someone can apply. But the funds will always be kept in the local region. For details or more information, call 1-866-432-8947.