Utility Bill Assistance


Alliant Energy Iowa Hometown Care Fund utility assistance.

Donations are used by the Alliant Energy Hometown Care Fund service to assist struggling customers with paying their utility bills. Most of the cash raised is used to help seniors during the winter, but others can apply as well such as people with medical issues or those under a special hardship. Note that the amount of financial assistance available for energy bills is very limited as even though contributions are matched by the company, that fact is that it does rely on others.

There are a few ways to donate. People can make a one time donation or sign up for a round up service. Other donations can be made by employees of the company or fund raisers held in the Alliant Energy service territory, as they will match donations up to 25 percent. No matter which option is used, the service is operated as a charitable programs that is used to provide utility bill assistance to the less fortunate.

The application process for Alliant Hometown Care Energy Fund is much more streamlined though. All of them need to go through local non-profit agencies or applications need to be done over the phone to the customer service number below. As noted, due mostly to limited funding (and the fact this is not a government entitlement) there are some groups given priority over others, such as senior citizens living on a fixed income.

Hometown Care Energy Fund is an emergency service only. It is for one time expenses only and this is not something that can be used month after month or year after year. If a customer is truly struggling and needs significant help, then other programs such as LIHEAP should be used instead for their energy bills. As these are more mid term solutions.

Since it relies on donations from the community, this is not some form of state of Iowa or federal entitlement. It is paid for using the hard earn contributions of the public or employees. People donate to it in an effort to help the less fortunate, so therefore any fraud and waste will not be tolerated.




It will take days (if not weeks) to apply and potentially be approved for energy assistance. So if someone needs even more rapid utility bill assistance (such as a senior having their heat shut off), they should call Alliant immediately to ask what can be done. As the donation service is but on program provided.

Donate or apply to Alliant Energy Hometown Care Fund

Anyone thinking to contribute can provide any dollar amount they want. There is no minimum or maximum requirement as to that dollar amount. Of course the round up service involves less than a $1 per month, so this is an effective way to contribute as well that will not cost the donor much money. Alliant will also match donations by up to 25%.

To apply for Alliant Energy Hometown Care Energy Fund, first look into government benefits. Proof of this will often be required by the agency. If that does not meet the client's needs, or if LIHEAP runs out, then this Alliant Energy donation service may fill the gap. Be prepared to bring proof of income residency, any details on other energy bill help, and age.

The main intake number to call is 1-800-255-4268. Note that the customer service team may refer the client to other utility assistance program as well, as sometimes Alliant Energy Hometown Care Fund may not be the best option for a certain scenario.