Utility Bill Assistance


American Electric Power Light a Life assistance

Businesses and individuals across the American Electric Power of Oklahoma service territory donate to Light a Life. The money is collected by the company and is used to help some income qualified customers keep their utility service and/or even heat on. The financial support that is available from American Electric Power is only for families that are facing a true financial hardship.

When donating money, it can be done in many ways. The utility program will take both one time contributions as well as recurring payments. There is also a round up, or nearest dollar, service available in some cases.

All amounts are accepted. Nothing is rejected. Each and every dollar contributed to Light a Life will make a difference in the life of a less fortunate family. It can help them with a portion of an energy bill and can even keep their power on. The donations will not go to administrative costs, as those are covered directly by American Electric Power.

At the end of the year, a statement will also be given to the donor. They can use this for tax filing purposes and most people can receive a deduction as part of this. So assisting a lower income family will not only make someone feel better, but there are also income tax benefits for doing this.

American Electric Power will also try to ensure the success of this. They will often provide money from the company as well. This may be a lump sum provide in an effort to help families keep their electricity on. Or they will make matching grants to other donations that were made by the public across Oklahoma. In either case the goal is to ramp up funding.

American Electric Power application process

Customers can call the company (see the number below) or stop by a local social service agency for more information. Or they can help the person apply. The application process is extensive. In order to receive assistance with utility bills, please be prepared with proof of income, identification, and number of household members.




The assistance will target households with an exceptional crisis. This means circumstances such as a medical crisis or short term reduction in income. Other reasons can be included too. For American Electric Power customers with other long term support issues needed, then customer service reps will offer other suggestions.

Funds are very limited. This is due to the fact is does rely on donations and also the goal of Light a Life was never to provide a crutch to a family. The intent was to provide a small amount of assistance to assist with a portion of a past due utility bill. Therefore a customer should not depend on this program.

For more information on American Electric Power Light a Life, call the company at 1-888-216-3523. Or try a local human or social service office.