Utility Bill Assistance


Anaheim Helping Hands utility bill donation program.

There is a way for people in the Anaheim community to make a difference, and it is the Helping Hands program. This is funded by donations and contributions from people and business in the community. The money raised can provide assistance to someone in Anaheim California who is less fortunate. This can include money for paying their utility bills or other basic needs. A number of non-profits are also involved in distributed the money throughout the community.

Anaheim-based non-profit community groups and charities can receive funds from Helping Hands. The money is used to pay for a variety of crisis assistance, youth and senior programs that operate in the region.

As an example of what is offered, over the last 30 years about $20,000 on average has gone to assist with utility bills. Most of the money was for low-income senior citizens and/or the disabled. Money donated can go towards a lot of causes though, including scholarships for children, job skills and more. However the demand for energy bill assistance in Anaheim is very high. This Helping Hands program and the assistance provided would not be possible without generous, concerned citizens from the community.

All contributions you make will be tax deductible. People from the community are urged to make a special tax-deductible contribution to the program. It is administered by the Anaheim Community Foundation, and all money you donate will go to the less fortunate, including seniors. The foundation is a non-profit corporation and it runs a broad base of assistance programs, services, organizations, and facilities that help the low income in Anaheim.






Through the non-profit Foundation’s Helping Hands program, charities, individuals and business can choose to donate to the Foundation. Many groups will right a check in order to donate. However others can do this through contributing using your utility bills. You can also make a one time payment to the program.

Three times a year, in the spring, summer and fall, Anaheim Public Utilities sends a separate bill stub with your utility bill. Simply enclose a check and the donation stub with your utility payment. Donations can also be made while making an Online Payment or through the Anaheim Community Foundation. Your support is an asset to our community.

To apply for help or to donate, dial (714) 765-4419. As indicated the money will be used for a variety of needs, however utilities can be paid as well. Anaheim Public Utilities is one of the main partners of the program.