Utility Bill Assistance



Donate to Appalachian Power's Neighbor-to-Neighbor

Customers of Appalachian Power can donate funds to the Neighbor-to-Neighbor utility bill assistance program. This is offered across Tennessee and the money will be used to help the less fortunate pay their utility bills.

In order to participate/donate, the program is offered every year in cooperation with charities and non-profit human service agencies. You can donate online, over the phone, or by mail. All funds and money contributed to the program go directly to help those in need, with administrative costs and other expenses paid for by Appalachian Power.

Matching grants and funds are sometimes offered by Appalachian Power as well. Over the years the company has contributed to this Neighbor-to-Neighbor program both in Tennessee and other states. The energy provider does its best to support customers and prevent disconnections.

The program was created in roughly 2009. Since then thousands of families have been supported, with your generous help and donations. All assistance is targeted and will assist low-income Appalachian Power customers in Tennessee who have difficulty paying their electric bill. The Neighbor to Neighbor program, which is mainly administered by Dollar Energy Fund, will provide eligible customers with a grant that is applied directly to their Appalachian Power utility bill. The goal of the grant is to help low-income customers maintain or restore their basic electric or utility service.

In order to apply for assistance, the application will be reviewed. All determinations of need are made, and funds are issued, by the Tennessee Dollar Energy Fund. However you need to apply at a local non-profit organization. In order to find out what agency to contact in your area, call 800-967-4237 in Tennessee.






While the terms of the program can change, in general anyone can donate to it. On the other hand, in order to apply for help, customers need to be considered low-income households, which is usually equivalent to 150% of Federal Poverty Income Guideline. You also need to have made a sincere effort of payment on their Appalachian Power bill in the past, and the balance needs to be at least $100. This will help ensure that for those people who do contribute, that their money does not go to waste and that it is really targeted.

When you are back on your feet, remembers that customers can contribute an extra amount in their electric bills to help those less fortunate. So you can give back once you are more stable.