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New York - National Grid assistance programs

Several different programs are offered by National Grid in New York that can help with natural gas, electric, and utility bills. Learn about the services and options below.

Income Eligible Credit - This program will provide a credit for qualified customers. It can be applied to monthly gas and electric bills, and the credit is made available for households and families that have been approved for the federal government Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) grant.

Disabled, Elderly, and Blind - This is a special shut off and assistance protection program that is made  available for eligible households. People who have residential accounts in which every member of the household is 62 years of age or older, 18 years old or younger, blind or disabled may be eligible.

Care and Share Energy Bill Assistance Fund - This assistance program is managed by the American Red Cross and can assist National Grid customers. The fund was created to help qualified individuals, families and households who are facing difficult financial situations or an emergency, if they have nowhere else to turn for emergency energy bill assistance. The assistance program will help households in which a member of the home is 60 or older, if a member of the household is disabled and receiving Supplemental Security Income or Social Security Disability, or if the individual s experiencing a medical emergency or crisis. More on National Grid Care and Share.

Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) - This is a federal government funded program and it will assist low to moderate income-eligible families in paying their energy and heating bills.

Crisis assistance - Those National Grid customers that are eligible for HEAP and that have an energy-related emergency, such as a shutoff of utility, natural gas and/or electricity service, if a customer received a 72-hour notice of termination, or a final termination notice, these situations may allow the customer the right to apply for emergency benefits at their local Department of Social Services.

Call National Grid at 1-800-642-4272 and learn how you can utilize electric and utility bill payment plans or make cost-saving changes in their homes.





By: Jon McNamara


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