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Assistance from Sam Houston Electric Cooperative Helping Hands program

Members of Sam Houston Electric that need assistance with their utility bills may be able to receive support from the Helping Hands program. As funding and donations allow, the program can assist with utility and energy bills when a customer meets qualifications and has no other options available to them.

The funding is very limited and the program is paid for/funded based solely on donations from employees, residential and business customers. As a result of these donation, Helping Hands provides people the ability to give back to the less fortunate in the community. Over the many years that the program has been running, tens of thousands of dollars has been paid out to thousands of families. Many a family has benefit from the assistance and it has allowed them to keep their power on, among other things.

Members of the community have donated money, time, and energy to Helping Hands in order to make it a success. Many employees also contribute funds. For most households that have normal tax obligations, all donations are tax deductible. So you will receive a deduction on your federal and /or state taxes. However if you have any questions you may want to speak to an accountant or financial professional.

Many customers facing a short term crisis benefit. In addition, people from the community ranging from the elderly to families with young children and handicapped benefit from assistance on their utilities. Many of those that get help have experienced extraordinary circumstances or financial hardships. All kinds of people and struggling customers have received a helping hand from the Sam Houston Electric program.

Each and every year, the company asks its members to contribute and donate to the Helping Hands program. You can give as little as you like. Or of course provide as much money as you want! The small amount you give can make a big difference. Donations are accepted on a one time or recurring basis as well.






You can call the company to donate and they will provide a form and mailing address for you. There is a formal Helping Hands Contribution Form. Donations can also be made using a credit card.

To learn more, or to apply for assistance, contact a member service representative at your local Sam Houston office. They can advise potential applicants on the terms of the program, income limits, and what is required in order to apply. As indicated, the funds are low and the demand is very high, so only a small number of families will be able to benefit from Helping Hands.



By: Jon McNamara


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