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Progress Energy Lowers Florida Utility Bills

Expect Lower Utility Bills in Florida. Progress Energy in Florida recently announced that it plans to ask the Florida Public Service Commission to decrease its customers' utility bills by an average of $15.00 per month starting in April or May 2009. However, this decrease comes on the heals of an $11.50 increase that just occurred in January.

Tim Leljedal, who is a Progress Energy spokesman, said the request was partially because of a reduction in fuel costs to the utility, and partially as a way to provide struggling families in Florida with utility bill assistance.

Just last year, the Florida PSC allowed Progress Energy to increase raise utility bill and rates by $11.50 a month beginning January to begin paying for improvements such as a new nuclear plant.

Many people have said that Progress Energy's request to reduce electric bill rates should only be the beginning in trying to help and cutting costs to customers.

If this request by Progress Energy is approved by the PSC, Progress Energy's proposed utility bill rate cut would reduce bills for its 1.7 million Florida customers for 2009 by a total of more than $400 million. The cut would therefore lower the average residential utility bill of $137.87 down to $122.79, and provide needed assistance to the Florida economy.

The company's current electric bill base rate expires at the end of this year.