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Assistance from PPL Electric

Winter Relief Assistance Program (WRAP)
The WRAP program helps customers that are living on limited or fixed incomes. Through WRAP, qualified customers may receive energy-efficient appliances, energy education, and home weatherization services such as additional insulation and caulking. The goal is to help people both reduce their electric bills and make their homes more comfortable. 1-888-232-6302

If you are a residential customer who is struggling to pay your utility bills, OnTrack is a special payment plan offered by PPL that provides for reduced monthly payments, debt forgiveness, and protection from utility service shutoffs. The program gives people a chance to earn a fresh start. OnTrack is administered by local agencies and community action agencies. To find out if you qualify for assistance from the OnTrack program, call 800-358-6623.

PPL Electric Utilities E-PowerWise Program
This program will assist families by helping them with learning about and adopting energy conserving tips and improvements. It will also install energy saving products in their homes. This assistance program is part of the PPL Electric Utilities’ E-PowerWise Initiative. This program provides customers with information, tools, information, and various other incentives to use energy more efficiently, help them save money on their utility bills, and reduce their carbon footprint. It offers a comprehensive suite of energy conserving programs for residential, business, and institutional electricity users.

Operation HELP
This resource will provide emergency cash grants and financial aid to pay utility and heating bills for families with financial hardships. PPL Electric Utilities was one of the first utilities to establish a fuel fund for customers in need or who are undergoing an emergency. Operation HELP is funded by PPL Electric, its customers, and its employees. Operation Help is also administered by a network of local agencies and charities. Dial 800-342-5775, or read more.

The Customer Assistance and Referral Services program — CARES
This program is offered to customers who are experiencing a temporary crisis or financial hardship that will affect their ability to make their regular electric bill payment by the due date. Through the CARES program, a PPL customer can receive energy conservation referrals and tips to other community programs for possible assistance with immediate hardships. Please call 1-800-358-6623 if you think this program can help you or to learn more.




By: Jon McNamara


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