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CPS Energy of San Antonio utility assistance programs

If you need assistance with paying your utility bill, CPS Energy offers customers several different solutions. All of them are listed below, as well as the phone number to call to apply for help or to learn more about these or other programs.

CPS Energy Residential Energy Assistance Partnership (REAP) - This option is focused on families with children, the elderly, and disabled in the community, but other low income may qualify for assistance if funding is available. Over $1 million dollars is available from this program to assist with paying electric and utility bills. Both Bexar County and City of San Antonio administer the program for CPS energy. If you apply, and are found to be qualified, you can receive up to $400 to pay your monthly utility bills. Continue reading on REAP. Learn more.

A program is offered for individuals who are faced with a Temporary Hardship. It can provide much needed time to pay a utility bill. It can offer low income customers and people with an emergency time to pay their gas or electric bill, and thereby postpone a possible disconnection. Read more information on CPS Energy temporary hardship.

Other programs offered by CPS Energy

A sampling of the other services provided by CPI Energy to qualified customers includes the following.

Affordability Discount - This is an option for those lower income, unemployed, and working poor customers with a total household income at or below certain government poverty guidelines and who meet other low income requirements. It will provide these customers with a discount on their monthly utility bills.

Veterans' Discount - Members of the military, veterans, and their immediate families can get a discount. It is mostly targeted at those who have been injured.






Senior Citizens' Billing Program - This service may extend the payment period for senior citizens monthly utility bills if they are age 60 years and older. What the main goal is to provide these individuals with time to pay their bills, and coordinate the timing of bills with income that they may receive from social security or other government programs.

Critical Care Program - If you have a medical condition that requires you use special equipment, this service offered by CPS Energy of San Antonio offers customers using electric medical equipment with additional time to pay their bills. It will ensure that customers do not have their power turned off, thus endangering their lives.

Disabled Citizens Billing Program - Disabled customers can be offered additional time to pay their bill in certain conditions.

To learn more about these or other assistance from from CPS Energy, customers can call (210) 353-2222 to speak to a representative, request an extension, or learn about other resources offered to them. CPS also partners with local charities and non-profits in San Antonio and across Texas.


By: Jon McNamara


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