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Maine SeaCoast Mission assistance programs

This is a local charity organization that provides a number of resources, including financial assistance and grants, to local families and individuals. The charity offers cash assistance, health, referrals, and youth development programs in island communities as well as coastal regions in midcoast to Down east Maine. The SeaCoast Mission offers hope, encouragement, cash and help to strengthen individuals, families and communities across the state of Maine.

The Maine Sea Coast Mission was created back in 1915, and it can offer emergency financial assistance to those who are facing a hardship or who are in critical need of help with bills, including utility and electric. Over the years of its existence, the non-profit has provided literally tons of coal, cords of wood, blankets, plumbing repair, gasoline, sewer and water bill assistance, electricity, gas and propane to low income, seniors, disabled, unemployed, and many others who are faced with a crisis situation. Tens of thousands of individuals and families have received assistance from the charity organization. One of the main resources is the program that provides emergency fuel assistance, oil, and grants. They can refer individuals and families to Mission programs or local non-profit charity agencies for additional resources. Low income families, individuals with children and the elderly are the target population of the programs that are administered.

When it comes to energy bills, one of the main programs of the Maine SeaCoast Mission is to link homeowners to the housing repair ministry for weatherization of their houses and trailers. Weatherization programs can help people save substantially on their monthly future fuel costs and oil expenses. At a high level, the way the program works is experts will estimate that one dollar spent on weatherization provides a three dollar savings in fuel costs. Clients of the weatherization program may be able to save hundreds of dollars on their monthly energy bills, and the program is free to income qualified families in Maine. Weatherization can help repair furnaces, add insulation to homes, caulking, CFL light bulbs, and other forms of energy conservation.

In addition, the Mission also work closely with other churches, charities, government organizations and non-profit agencies to help provide assistance to most effectively meets the needs of people living in poverty during the cold Main winters and when they are faced with a fuel crisis.

As indicated above, the Maine SeaCoast Mission also partners and has information on other services and resources that are available to the low income and needy. Other agencies that can provide assistance to the low income in the community include the Washington Hancock Community Agency as well as the Maine Department of Health and Human Services. They also have extensive information on other community action agencies and financial assistance programs across Maine.

To learn more about the Maine SeaCoast Mission, and get information on other programs and resources, dial 866-207-4010 for details.




By: Jon McNamara


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