Utility Bill Assistance



Assistance programs from Atlanta Gas Light

There are several resources and programs that customers can turn to for help. Atlanta Gas Light is reminding Georgia residents to apply for utility bill assistance programs, including federal government aid, that is available under the government’s Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) and other options. Some of the programs and resources that exist include:

Heating Energy Assistance Team (H.E.A.T.) - This offers low to moderate income households assistance with paying for their energy bills and other needs. Grants and funds are distributed by the Georgia Department of Human Resources through local charities and community action agencies. Call 678-406-0212 for more information or to apply.

Home and Heartwarming Program - This is a program that provides energy conserving and weatherization services, as well as natural gas equipment repair or replacement for qualified low-income and senior households who are on the Atlanta Gas Light system.

Project Share - This is a initiative that offered by the Georgia Salvation Army and it provides emergency financial assistance and cash grants to people who need assistance with their utility bills. Call 1-800-257-4273 for further information. Learn more.

Atlanta Gas Light Senior Citizens Discount - This is available for customers who are 65 years of age or older and who also have a total annual household income of $14,355, or less. Those who qualify will receive a monthly credit on their bill which in effect lowers their monthly utility bills. To apply for aid, visit www.atlantagaslight.com.

LIHEAP - This is a program that is funded by the federal government and administered by local agencies. It will offer a one-time cash grant/payment to a qualified resident’s monthly heating bill and the program is administered by the Georgia Department of Social Services. The cash grants and funds are obtainable for the home’s primary heating energy source, such as heating fuel oil, natural gas, electric, propane, or even wood.

Georgia Non-profit Agencies - Last, but not least, Atlanta Gas Light and Georgia residents may also be able to qualify for local heating assistance funds that are available from local non-profit agencies and charities. Atlanta Gas Light, through its parent company AGL Resources and the AGL Resources Private Foundation, donates hundreds of thousands of dollars to various energy assistance programs and non profit organizations throughout the state. The funds and cash grants are used to assist those who need help paying their monthly heating and utility bills.