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Atmos Energy Sharing the Warmth

Atmos Energy is doing what it can to help customers pay their utility and heating bills. They have referred about 50 percent more customers, almost 20,000 customers, just last winter to energy-assistance agencies across the state to so these people could seek help paying their gas bills.

Atmos also offers a program, known as Sharing the Warmth, that is on track to donate more than $1 million to agencies and charities so they can to aid low-income, disabled, and elderly customers with paying their gas bills.

The way the program works is Share the Warmth is where the utilities customers donate money to those in need through paying a slightly higher amount on their utility bill. Customers can donate as little as $1 up to whatever they want, or they can decide to just round their bill up to donate even less than $1. Then, at the end of the year, Atmos matches the total amount donated, therefore doubling the amount of assistance offered.

Last year about 40,000 customers signed up to donate and contribute to the program last year, and they predict even more will offer a helping hand to their neighbors by donating to the program this year.

In addition, Atmos always strongly encourages customers who may be having trouble paying their monthly utility bill to contact Atmos before it becomes delinquent or the issue becomes too large to deal with. If someone is struggling, they need to always call before they get in trouble. There are other programs that they can offer, for example they can put them on an average billing payment plan or they can recommend them to Rolling Plains or other agencies for assistance. If they can work out an utility bill assistance plan, they will. If a plan does not fit for that situation, then they can hook them up with Rolling Plains.

Yet another assistance program that is available to customers is the company’s Keeping the Warmth program. Thru this program Atmos provides some $4 million for energy-efficiency programs and conservation programs. Assistance funds are provided to weatherize its customers homes to help customers save on their heating and utility bills. Local customers should apply through the Rolling Plains agency.





By: Jon McNamara



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