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Get assistance paying utilities from Austin Energy

Austin Energy and the city administer various programs and services for people facing both a short and long term financial hardship. The programs and resources available to qualified applicants include the following:

Customer Assistance Program (CAP) - This was started by donations from customers, local businesses, and funds are supplemented and added to CAP by Austin Energy as well.

Reduced rates, fee waivers, and other savings - One of the resources offered will provide customers with a direct discount/savings on their monthly utility and energy bills. Some of the aid offered includes a $7.10/month waiver of the customer water service bills, a $6.00 per month waiver of the customer electric service charge, a very high 50% reduction on your residential City of Austin Drainage fee to only $3.88 a month, a $17.00 (on average) reduced CAP fuel charge on electric bills and usage, an $8.95/month waiver of the monthly customer waste water service charge.

Austin Energy payment plan - A deferred payment plan will allow the customer more time to pay their utility bills. The individuals past due amount is spread out over a period of time, maybe as long as a year or two. The customer will then only be responsible for paying a portion of the past due amount on their utility bill, and it will be in addition to your ongoing monthly utility charges.

Saving programs/efficiency - The utility company will offer qualified customers with free home-energy improvements to their homes or apartments. People who sign up for and are approved may save hundreds of dollars on their monthly utility bills. Things and improvements provided can be extra insulation, heating and cooling system repairs, caulking, and more.

Support Plus 1 is a donation service. Austin Energy can provide a few dollars for paying utility, light or electric bills in a crisis. It uses contributions from the public to keep this program operating. Read more.

Sick and people with a health condition - A service known as the Medically Vulnerable Registry will allow those with a serious medical condition much more time in paying any outstanding bills, and some programs will prevent disconnections if the health need is critical. Also get information on Social Service agencies and clinics in the Austin Texas area.

Call Austin Energy at (512) 494-9400 to speak to a representative, who can provide you assistance and information on getting current with your utility bills.




By: Jon McNamara


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