Utility Bill Assistance


Beaches Energy CARE utility bill assistance

When LIHEAP grants are used up, and no charities or non-profits may have any funds left for utility bill assistance, then this is when the Beaches Energy CARE program may be an option. It is a last resort for the low income and struggling families or customers. There may be a few dollars available (due to donations from the public) and that money can help pay energy bills.

The program is limited in scope, resources, and availability. It is generally a seasonal service, so it pays out more during weather extremes such as the summer or winter months. It only also pays a small amount of money for utility bills, as it is a donation program with limited funding capacity.

Most of the Beaches Energy CARE utility bill assistance is for applicants that have unusual circumstances too. So not only will the applicant need to be out of options, such as LIHEAP, but they also need to be low income or living in poverty. In addition, the special circumstances may include such needs as they are sick, had a recent death in the family, an unexpected job loss that was not their fault, or they are elderly and would face a health risk of they lost their utility service or heat. This means the program is generally focused on paying out energy assistance to those who are out of options.

In addition, Beaches Energy CARE will also focus on conservation as well as self-sufficiency. Since the donation are limited, the company as well as its partners (social service agencies and the local BEAM charity) want to put the funds to good use. Paying a utility bill (or portion of it) using donated money will not do anyone any good if the next month the customer if faced with a shut off again.

Therefore, any assistance will also include such resources as free energy audits to help the family or individual reduce usage. This will help them save money of their power or electric in the future, and therefore save money on their utilities. A service may be provided by Beaches Energy for free in which an “auditor” stops by, runs tests, and makes recommendations to cut back.




In addition, much like other benefit programs, Beaches Energy CARE is focused on short term, one time financial aid for utility bills. Therefore the company will work with the customer, and its partner social service partners, to address the underlying cause of what is causing the hardship, whether it is lack of employment, debts, or maybe medical needs. This is another component of the Beaches Energy CARE donation assistance program.

More money is always needed. Any person or company who donates can be confident that 100% of that goes to help the less fortunate. The funds also stay local, and all the money goes for utility bills. In addition, there is also a tax deduction that will be provided to donors by the state and federal government.
Beaches Energy also matches donations to CARE. This will even allow more customers to get emergency energy bill help as the contributed money is increased using grants from Beaches Energy. So the assistance program is always put to good use.

For more information on Beaches Energy CARE, to apply or donate, dial 904-247-6241 to reach BEAM. Customer support is available.