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How window film can benefit you and your home and help save money on utility bills.

Millions of U.S. homeowners have tinted their windows using self-adhesive laminate film. Also known as window film, it's applied directly to the inside or outside of the glass. There are many benefits to doing this, including a key one of saving money on heating and air conditioning bills. It is a hassle free energy conservation measure.

Once applied, it permanently sticks to the glass to change the appearance and properties of your windows. It is quick and simple to install. Unless you're familiar with modern window film, though, you might be wondering if it's a smart investment for your home. Applying window film to all the glass in your home is simple to do, but it takes time so may be hard work. But doing this can pay off and benefit you in the following ways:

1) UV Protection

Window film can protect you, your family and your furniture from ultraviolet (UV) sunlight. Prolonged exposure to UV light is the most influential risk factor of skin cancer, which is obviously a major crisis and costly too. And when exposed to UV light, your furniture will fade and dry out. That is costly and just one more bill to replace it.

According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), most glass windows filter UVB rays but fail to filter UVA rays. You can prevent both types of UV sunlight from entering your home, however, by using window film. There are types of window film, such as ceramic, that block almost 100 percent of UVB and UVA rays.




2) Prevents Sun Glare

Window film can also prevent sun glare in your home, which is a huge benefit to your lifestyle. It's difficult to watch TV when the sun is glaring in your eyes or off the screen. Or it is difficult to work from a home office to make money for paying your bills.

Traditional glass windows offer little or no protection against sun glare. At certain times of the day, sunlight may strike your windows at the precise angle to create a blinding glare. A solution to this problem is to install tinted window film. With its darker tone, tinted window film will reduce the amount of visible sunlight entering your home through the windows.

3) Lowers Monthly Utility Bills

You may find that your monthly utility bills (in particular winter heating and summer cooling bills) are cheaper after installing window film. It adds a layer of insulation to glass windows, reducing loss of thermal energy through your home's windows.

According to the U.S. Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, window film restricts the amount of heated or cooled air that passes through glass windows by up to 80 percent. As your home becomes more energy efficient, you won't have to use your air conditioner or furnace as much. Over time, the energy-efficient benefits of window film can save you hundreds of dollars per year on utility costs. It will more than pay for the film.

4) Increases Privacy

Window film can even provide you and your family with a higher level of privacy. Some types of window film are completely transparent, whereas others are designed with one-way viewing. Also known as privacy window film, you can only see through them when you are inside your home. Therefore not only can they help you conserve energy, but also conserve your privacy! From the outside, privacy window film features either a reflective metallic finish or a dark tint.

5) Protects Windows from Breaking

Finally, window film can protect your home's glass windows from breaking or shattering. This too will save you and your family money over the long term. Depending on the size and type of window, replacing just a single broken window can cost up to $700. That money could be much better spent on annual energy costs.






Glass windows often break from strong winds or fallen tree limbs. You can protect your windows from such damage by installing window film, and this leadings to financial savings in needing to replace a widow. The film absorbs and evenly disperses pressure so that strong winds, fallen tree limbs or other external forces are less likely to break your glass windows, saving you money on utility bills over time.

Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional window treatment company, installing window film in your home is well worth the investment. The annual savings to your utility bills can add up to tens (or hundreds in some cases) dollars per year. It filters UV sunlight, prevents sun glare, lowers your monthly utility bills, increases privacy and protects your windows from breaking.

By: Jon McNamara


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