Utility Bill Assistance



Utility bill assistance programs from Memphis Gas and Light

From time to time people need some help or extra time to pay an utility bill. Memphis Gas and Light offers programs to help these customers.

Net Due Date Program - This is a program that delays the due date of your energy bill. It is for those people who receive receive only one check at the beginning of each month and/or who may be retired or living on a fixed income. These customers may be able to qualify for this plan. In effect this program allows customers to delay the due date on your utility bill until after you have received your check, whether is is retirement, pension, or government assistance check.

Extended Payment Plan - If you owe money on an older bill, Memphis Gas and Light may negotiate and work with you to establish a repayment plan of a past due utility bill in addition to establishing a plan to pay the regular monthly utility bill.

Prevent a disconnection from an Annual Moratorium on Cutoffs for Nonpayment - If you can’t pay your bill, MLGW will postpone or defer cutoffs of your service for nonpayment for all residential customers. This program is in effect between December 15th and January 14th of each and every year, except in cases of on special, negotiated payment plans that you may have already agreed to.

MLGW Plus - 1 - Customers, local businesses and others contribute to this program. The fact is that any one can, from time to time, face an unexpected emergency or some type of short term financial crisis due to unforeseen events like a medical emergency, death in the family, reduction in hours or a job loss. The Plus-1 utility bill assistance program provides one-time cash grants or financial aid for utility assistance during such hardships. Customers can also decide to contribute to the Plus-1 program.





Winter Moratorium for Handicapped and Elderly Customers - You can get more time to pay your energy bill. This program was designed to defer cutoffs of your utility service during the months of December, January, and February for customers who are handicapped or who are 60 years of age or older. The customers utility service must be listed in the name of the handicapped person or elderly person. There are some other criteria and conditions that need to be met for assistance. They include.

  • If qualification for the moratorium is to be based on disability, proof of such handicapped or disability will be required (example medical statement from the physician).
  • If apply for aid, and your qualification for the program is to be based on the customers age, proof of such age will be required (example, driver's license or birth certificate).

Also keep in mind that past due amounts on your utility bill must be paid before December 1 of each year. Also, if interested in applying, applications are received at any MLGW Business Office from November 1 through November 29.

If you apply and are accepted in the Memphis Gas and Light program, customers are encouraged to pay energy bills by the due date. However, you will be required to pay at the end of the three-month period, and at this time satisfactory payment or arrangements for your utility bill should be made before the March utility bill is due. So you do need to pay.

Share the Pennies is a resource that is run with non-profits and charities in the city. Memphis Gas collects donations for individuals and businesses, and all funds are then paid out to qualified low income and working poor families. Read more.

If you need assistance, to learn about these or other options you may have, call the MLGW Customer Care Center at 544-6549 and speak to a representative.