Utility Bill Assistance



Binghamton Lend a Hand utility bill assistance program.

Residents of the city of Binghamton can (1) donate to or (2) apply for utility bill assistance from the Lend a Hand. It is an emergency financial aid program that uses donations that are collected by the Press and Sun Bulletin and other organizations. A number of charities, businesses, and individuals in the Binghamton New York region partner together to offer this solution to the needy.

Anyone applying should note that this is (1) an emergency program and that (2) not everyone will qualify for financial help for their energy bills (3) the funds are limited and based on donations and (4) at most $300 will be paid out for utility bills. Lend a Hand is a discretionary service – only a small number of Binghamton residents may be assisted each year.

Financial assistance from Lend a Hand

Note the program may in fact pay for some other bills (not just utility), and that may include work related expenses, medical equipment, gasoline for a doctor visit, or other critical expenses. But over the years the amount of people who have been helped with their utility bills and heating bills during the cold Binghamton winters, those are the primary beneficiaries.

While the funds paid out for utility bills, and the number of people assisted varies each year, it is generally tens of thousands of dollars offered to the needy. There may be 100 to 200 families assisted each year from Lend a Hand in Binghamton – most of them are energy related. The assistance program may even pay for emergency repair of a heater or furnace, or cover the costs of heating oil or gasoline.

This program, as noted, is for emergencies only. The financial crisis facing the applicant can’t be caused by things they did, rather it needs to be an usual crisis. Such as maybe unexpectedly lost their job (was laid off) and now they are behind on their utilities and facing disconnection. Maybe an application to Binghamton Lend a Hand utility bill assistance program was injured at work, or a spouse/partner died and now they are behind. Or maybe a car broke down and work was missed for a couple days – and enough income was missed to cause a financial hardship.





Also, utility bill assistance or other financial aid is only paid out at most one time per year. Binghamton residents therefore can apply multiple times for the (at most) $300 for paying energy bills. To apply, dial the United Way of Broome County (211) or Salvation Army.

Donating to Lend a Hand

Note that the local newspaper, Press & Sun Bulletin, administrates it. This means they provide financial aid to the low income, screen applicants, collect donations and more. The company will also pay 100% of those administrative costs, which means any contributions to Lend a Hand go to deserving, low income families in Binghamton. The assistance program name and way to donate is to send a check to Lend-A-Hand, c/o Press & Sun Bulletin. The address is PO Box 1270, Binghamton, NY 13902.


By: Jon McNamara


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