Utility Bill Assistance


Brownsville Tennessee Utilities Project Help utility bill assistance

One of the assistance programs available for low income customers of Brownsville Utilities in Tennessee is the Project Help program. It provides a small amount of financial aid to help keep the lights, air conditioning and/or heat on. The program is for a crisis only, and the funds are limited in dollar amount and volume.

The service is paid for using donations. Funds come from a variety of sources ranging from private individuals to employees, corporations, and others. All of the money contributed to the Brownsville Utilities Project Help program is tax deductible and 100% of the money goes to help pay utility bills of income qualified, struggling customers.

The funds for paying utility bills are not just for anyone. There are various eligibility requirements for some form of assistance. First and foremost, this is not an entitlement or government assistance program. If someone is interested in that, then LIHEAP is the best option.

Any funds from Brownsville Utilities Project Help are paid out and approved on a case by case basis by partner social services agencies. The financial aid is specifically for struggling customers of Brownsville Utilities in the service area regardless of age, race, religion, or ethnicity. However the priority is for helping with a one time, short term crisis such as an illness, unexpected job loss, or some other financial emergency. Other assistance program requirements for the include the following.

-The applicant needs to 18 years of age or older and live in the Brownsville Utilities Tennessee service territory.
-Must be employed or employable or have some way to sustain paying future energy bills.
-Other options, including LIHEAP or crisis LIHEAP need to be unavailable or exhausted.
-There needs to be a short term crisis, such as unexpected job loss, medical emergency, loss of partner/spouse, or some other crisis.
-Past payments for utilities need to have been made consistently.





Donations of course are used to fund the Brownsville Utilities Project Help assistance program as noted above. These are wide ranging and come from many sources. A number of people who donate today received help from the program in the past, so they are given back to the less fortunate when their financial situation stabilized.

Contributions can be one time or set up on a recurring monthly Round Up program. One time donations are made when a check is sent to the company. This can be done with a monthly utility payment and any amount is used. 100% of those funds go to the less fortunate.

As far as Round Up, this is when the customers (donors) utility bill is rounded up to the next highest dollar amount. For example, if the utility bill for the customer is $100.24, then it is “rounded” up to $101. This additional 76 cents is then provided to the Brownsville Utilities Project Help program, and all of that 76 cents goes to help pay utility, heat, or light bills of eligible customers.

Applying or more information on Brownsville Utilities Tennessee Project Help

The company can be contacted at (731) 772-8845. This will be the customer support team. They can review the terms and conditions of either (1) donating or (2) applying for utility bill help from Project Help. Or for more information on financial aid for paying energy bills, contact a charity or social service organization, including community action. As many partner with Brownsville Utilities Project Help or offer their own resources.