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Central Hudson Gas & Electric Good Neighbor Fund utility assistance

The generous donations from the community to Central Hudson Gas & Electric Good Neighbor Fund are then re-allocated to help certain customers keep their utilities on. Funds are used for paying energy bills, including heating as well as electric. This aid is often combined with other support from both the company and local agencies, and this can include payment plans or more. However, the information below focuses only on the Good Neighbor Fund.

Monthly and one time contributions

There are hundreds of individuals, churches, and businesses that donate to the program each month. These individuals contribute a few dollars per year, or maybe hundreds. There are no requirements or minimums. No one will even pressure any person to donate. Every dollar given to Central Hudson Gas & Electric Good Neighbor Fund is used widely and is appreciated.

The funds go to pay utility bills for those people that are in a short term hardship and that are also vulnerable. This means families with children, seniors, those in the hospital, or people in a serious medical condition can apply. The donations to the Good Neighbor Fund go to these most at risk families.

When deciding whether to contribute or not, note that people can round up a bill or make a one time, tax-deductible donation. Some people give just a dollar or two, and others give much more. If they ever want to stop a contribution, that can be done at anytime as well.

Central Hudson Gas & Electric will also match those dollar amounts too. They have a charitable/trustee service that will also match other donations up to a maximum dollar amount. This money may come from the corporation or executive management. So the company is doing its part as well to help the vulnerable in the community.






Assistance from Central Hudson Gas & Electric Good Neighbor Fund

First of all, when applying, clients need copies of unpaid bills, proof of income, residency, and identification of all household members. A note from a doctor may also be required, or some other information showing why the household needs help. Any aid from Central Hudson Gas & Electric Good Neighbor Fund for paying utilities is at the discretion of the program, and no one is promised anything.

Any money will be available to help keep the electricity on for a short period of time. It will give the customer more time to apply for a long term solution and to seek a holistic fix to what is causing them to struggle. No program from Central Hudson Gas & Electric or any agency will provide ongoing, never ending help. So the Good Neighbor Fund is for short term relief only.

Even if donations are not available, then the customer service team may have other suggestions. To learn more, apply to Central Hudson Gas & Electric Good Neighbor Fund, or get other referrals, call 800-527-2714.


By: Jon McNamara


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