Utility Bill Assistance



Assistance plans from Central Hudson.

Currently there are several utility bill assistance payment programs that are available to customers of Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp. if they need help with paying for their utility bills. They include:

Powerful Opportunity Program (POP) - This will lower past due balances on utility bills and also a customers future bills by using a payment assistance program that was designed to help eligible residential customers who heat their homes with natural gas or electricity. The POP program has partnered with EmPower New York organization, which is a free service that is sponsored by the New York State Energy and Research Development Authority to help customers lower their energy usage and therefore reduce their bills.

Budget Billing Plan – The will “spread” a customers estimated annual payments for both natural gas and electric bills evenly over a 12 month period to help them avoid seasonal billing fluctuations and spikes in their bills. Payments that a customer needs to make are uniform and spread evenly  over 11 months based on actual usage history. The energy bill the customer receives for the 12th month includes an annual adjustment, if required, to reflect the actual usage and price for the year, so that may be the only bill with a different amount. It helps a customer budget and plan their expenses.

Deferred Payment Agreements – This will allow eligible customers who have past-due amounts on their bills to pay monthly installments without any penalties or interest, provided they stay current with future bills and they are paid in full and on time. You can use multiple plans as well. For example, deferred payment agreements can be combined with Budget Billing Plans for consistent monthly payments for both current and past-due charges.

Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) - A government program that provides both regular and emergency financial grants and funds to qualified households to help them with paying their heating and/or utility bills. The HEAP program offers benefits that are funded through federal and state government agencies, and that are administered by county governments. This year, customers may receive up to three HEAP grants, if eligible for HEAP.

The Good Neighbor Fund - Offered by Central Hudson to provides a "last resort" grant to help pay the energy bills of customers who have used all other forms of private assistance and government programs. It is currently funded by customer contributions, with matching funds paid by Central Hudson’s shareholders, and administered by the Salvation Army. Contact the salvation Army to apply or more more information. Read more.

In addition, this past winter, Central Hudson offered a supplemental grant of $200 to its customers who were receiving HEAP benefits that was to be used toward their utility accounts, and an additional $100 grant to those who participated or qualified for the Powerful Opportunities Program. This money was extra money, and in addition to the money from the programs, so Central Hudson is going above and beyond to assist its customers.





By: Jon McNamara


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