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Citizens Gas Indiana Winter Assistance Fund utility bill assistance

In an effort to assist struggling customers in Marion county Indiana only that are out of options for paying their utility bills, the Citizens Gas Winter Assistance Fund program can serve as a backstop. It is a form of one time, emergency assistance that can be effective at keeping the lights or energy on while more permanent solutions are explored. Using donations from the community, it may help pay:

  • -Electric bills of Citizens Gas households.
  • -Any heat or Air conditioning that rely on said electricity.
  • -Gas or other related costs.

This program is for private customers only...meaning it will not help pay the energy costs of a business. From time to time there may be some funding made available for a charity or non-profit in the region, as keeping the electric on for a social service agency can also be a good use of the Citizens Gas Winter Assistance Fund donation program.

Over the years thousands of customers have been assisted from this United Way supported fund. In addition to that, hundreds of businesses as well as tens of thousands of individuals have donated money to Citizens Gas Winter Assistance Fund. The service was created to be wide ranging in that it provides people both the opportunity to give back to the local community (by donating) as well as the ability to applying for financial help for paying their utility bills in a crisis.

This is one reason that the program is often thought as a “Neighbor helping Neighbor”, as it is hyper local in operation. There is one time energy bill assistance distributed in the local community as well as donations to it coming from all over the place. There is involvement of employees from Citizens Gas, local charities (such as churches or Scout Groups) that can hold fund raisers to collect donations, and applications coming from vulnerable people in the community.






This is not some wide ranging government benefit. As noted, the donations to Citizens Gas Winter Assistance Fund as well as families getting assisted are all local. This is both a pro and con to it. So while it does arguably make more of a difference in the region, the utility bill assistance available from it also relies donations on the Marion County service territory. If people, employees, or businesses do not contribute to the United Way then no one is helped.

When applying for utility bill help the guidelines are strictly enforced too. This is an income based service that is a last resort. It will never, nor was it ever a goal, to pay an entire bill that someone has. Instead it is intended to provide the Citizens Gas customer a little more time. That is why it is often combined with government aid such as LIHEAP.

Applications will need proof of income, residency, copy of account status, and details on all household residents. In order for some of the donated funds to Citizens Gas Winter Assistance Fund to be approved for paying a bill, the customer also needs to agree to conservation measures. There will also be budgeting plans, employment needs and other concerns addressed.

For more details on any aspect of Citizens Gas Winter Assistance Fund, call the local township trustee. Or feel free to donate as well by rounding up a utility bill or making a one time contribution.

By: Jon McNamara


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