Utility Bill Assistance



City of Dayton Tennessee utility bill assistance

Using donations from the community, households that receive their utilities from the City of Dayton 9whether electric or water) can apply for financial help. The Utility Bill Grant program is a round up service run in partnership with local faith based groups as well as charities. Each and every dollar raised is intended to help income qualified customers keep their utilities on.

There are many different groups that are part of the Utility Bill Grant program and foundation/board that assess donations. There is We Care, the City of Dayton Tennessee, the Salvation Army, United Way, Catholic Charities, and other groups. Together they review applications for utility bill assistance and disburse funds appropriately.

Customers contribute to the Grant Program. This means the assistance paid out relies on donations from the public.  There are two ways to donate. One is by adding a monthly round up to the monthly utility bill. This means each month the customers current bills is rounded up to the next highest dollar amount, and that rounded up amount is used to help low income families as part of the City of Dayton Tennessee Utility Bill grant program. If selected, in this case a customer will contribute anywhere from 99 cents to $11.88 per year…that is all. The “small” dollar amount of a donation goes a long way to help less fortunate City of Dayton Tennessee families.

The second way to give back is to make a one time donation. Any dollar amount is always appreciated. !00% of those funds will also go to help pay water or utility bills.

Applying for help in the City of Dayton

As noted, the City of Dayton Tennessee Utility Bill grant program helps pay for both water and electric bills. Each and every application is reviewed by a board of Trustees. There are as many as 10 members on said board. Note that individuals can’t apply directly. Rather they need to go through a local social service agency. As the board provides funds to those non-profits (like the Salvation Army or United Way) and those partners then give the money to local social service agencies.





Then those agencies give the money to the low income family. Or more than likely the funds are given directly to the energy (or water) provider(s), as that helps eliminate fraud in the community. In either case, anyone who lives in Dayton Tennessee, and who has a limited income or is facing a disconnection, should contact a social service agency.

United Way Of Rhea County is located at 224 4th Ave, Dayton, TN 37321. For information on getting financial help, or donating, call (423) 775-5633. Or try the WECARE donation and assistance program, and that phone number is 211.