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Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania administers several grant, repair, and financial assistance programs. Some are offered directly by the utility company, and others are in partnership with statewide non-profit organizations. The programs include Customer Assistance Program (CAP), Warm Choice, and Emergency Repair Fund. Find more details on each service below.

Warm Choice - This is a Columbia Gas sponsored weatherization program that is offered at no cost. Contractors will first audit your home and identify where energy is being used, and how it can be improved. The company will then take actions to seal up areas where heat escapes. This weatherization program is free and is created for customers with low incomes and high gas usage. The main goal of the program is to help customers save money by managing their energy usage.

Customer Assistance Program (CAP) - Customers with low incomes can be entered into this payment plan. There are strict conditions that need to be met by the customer before they can be entered into this program, including certain poverty guidelines. If you are a residential-heat customer of Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania and if you need to have a more permanent solution to your heating and utility bill payment problem, then the Customer Assistance Program may be a solution for you.

Government sponsored Low-income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) - This is a federal government resource. This program provides financial help and grants to help pay for residential heating costs. A crisis component can help prevent disconnections and keep heating service on. Funds are limited, and the government has created certain income guidelines.





Emergency Repair Fund - Offers free financial assistance for the replacement or repair of water heaters, natural gas furnaces, windows, service and house lines and space heaters. Repairs are offered for the primary heat source for a qualified residents homes. This repair program was created to address emergency situations and repairs that involve unsafe service conditions for residential heat customers with low incomes who own and/or are living in their home.

Columbia Gas Customer Assistance Referral and Evaluation Services (CARES) - Receive personalized assistance. Services are available to customers in Pennsylvania who are having difficulty paying their gas bills and expenses. The program is targeted at people who have a temporary hardship. Some of the services and assistance offered can include customized payment plans, basic budget counseling, and linkage to community resources or energy grant programs, all of which form the supportive framework of the CARES program.

Dollar Energy Charity Organization - This is another partner organization and is Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania's fuel fund program. The non-profit charity  provides energy grants to low income, elderly, and struggling customers for use in paying old utility bill or money can  be used to restore heating or utility service. Customers who are interested in applying, and who have low incomes who still have service must have exhausted all other available government as well as charity energy assistance programs, so this is a program of last resort.

To learn more about these or other utility assistance programs from Columbia Gas, dial 1-800-537-7431.




By: Jon McNamara


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