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Get utility assistance from ComEd

ComEd offers customers several different financial assistance programs. Some of them were crated with and are offered in combination with government programs such as LIHEAP, and others are directly offered by the utility company.

Arrearage assistance - A program known as Fresh Start. This helps people pay older utility bills and get back on track. For example, it can provide monthly credits of up to $150 a month on utility bills for qualifying customers who either begin or continue to pay their utility bills on time. So get back on track with older, unpaid energy and electric bills, then keep up with your current ones.

Summer Assistance Program - This is a service that will provide qualified customers with a one-time $30 credit on their utility bills for Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program participants with household incomes up to 200 percent of the poverty level. It is part of the federal government funded LIHEAP program.

C.H.A.M.P (ComEd Helps Activated Military Personnel) - Members of the military can get utility bill assistance from this program. It can help people currently in the service, or their immediate family members who are impacted by a family members deployment.

ComEd Residential Hardship Fund - Qualified customers can get a grant of up to $1000 to help with deal with a financial hardship or  emergency. It focuses on low to moderate income customers with an unusual situation like a job loss, medical emergency, military service, disabled residents, seniors requiring in-home care or grandparents raising minor grandchildren, or a person in the home with a disability. Your hardship must be able to be documented.

For information on this ComEd rate relief programs, or other options that may be available, dial 888-806-2273.





By: Jon McNamara


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