Utility Bill Assistance


Cumberland Electric Member Project Help utility assistance

Cumberland Electric Member Corporation has created a program known as Project Help in which individuals or businesses can donate some money to it each month, and those funds are used to pay utility bills of struggling individuals or families. This program has been operating for several years and it has helped thousands of struggling customers keep their power and lights on.

All across the Cumberland Electric Member Corporation service territory are businesses as well as individual customers that donate money to Project Help. There are also many contributions from employees of Cumberland Electric Member Corporation, former employees as well as management. In addition to all of those sources of funds, the company will also tend to match donations up to a certain dollar amount.

This is the core of Cumberland Electric Member Corporation Project Help. Without these donations (no matter how small), the program would seize to exist. All of the contributions go to an important cause, and that is to keep the lights and even heat on for struggling customers.

Now Cumberland Electric Member Corporation Project Help is not never-ending. Instead the money collected will will be used to offer very short term assistance to vulnerable customers that qualify. In fact, the application process is thorough and many people will even be turned away or referred somewhere else. The goal of Project Help is to ensure that only the most deserving are able to access the donation program, as the money contributed is hard earned by some company or person.

Apply for Assistance from Cumberland Electric Member Corporation Project Help:
There are a few things to bring when applying. They include the following. But the criteria can always change over time as well.
-Proof of income from a job, benefits, public aid, and all sources.
-Copies of old utility bills as well as statements showing that the bills were paid on time in the past.
-Proof of residency in the state of Tennessee and/or service territory of Cumberland Electric Member Corporation, and applicants need identification such as a license or social security card.






Before any money is paid out to assist with paying energy bills, the applicant needs a short to long term plan to achieve stability. This program is not the same as LIHEAP, which is an entitlement. Since it relies on donations from the public, the applicant needs to show that they will not continue to miss the payments on future utility bills. This is where the plan comes into play.

As noted above, any assistance is short term in nature. Maybe a few dollars will be paid out to keep the power on for a couple weeks while the applicant explores other solutions. Or maybe the electric can be kept on by Cumberland Electric Member Corporation Project Help while the customer overcomes an illness. In any case, the amount of help provided is limited.

Anyone that wants more information, either on contributing or applying for assistance, dial a local office. The focus will always be on the most deserving that also have a health risk if they lose their power.