Utility Bill Assistance


Dalton Utilities Neighbors Helping Neighbors energy bill assistance

In an effort to help families pay their utility bills, the Dalton Utilities Neighbors Helping Neighbors emergency assistance program is an option. It uses donations from the public, and the money raised from the community goes to pay costs ranging from heating to gas, electric, and light bills.

Customers who are supported from a donation will have a low income or in poverty. They also tend to be senior citizens, disabled, or customers who are facing challenging circumstances. Many of those who receive utility bill assistance also qualify for government benefits including LIHEAP or weatherization. Or they are on some type of government support, which may be disability or SNAP food stamps. As those financial assistance programs tend to run concurrent with Dalton Utilities Neighbors Helping Neighbors.

The so called “fuel” of the program is the generosity of the community. It comes in many forms and fashions. One is strictly dollars and cents. This is when a member of the community, or even a local business, donates some of their hard-earned income to Dalton Utilities Neighbors Helping Neighbors. Donations can be made on time or on a monthly basis. They have it in their hearts to help the less fortunate among us keep their lights and power on.

Another way the community gives back is by volunteering. They may direct low income Dalton Utilities customers to application sties for energy bill assistance, or answer questions on the application process. Other ways people give back will be volunteering at fund raisers to help the Neighbors Helping Neighbors assistance program raise even more money for energy bills.






There are advantages to donating time or dollars. One is the money goes to help keep the lights or power on of income qualified low income families in the service territory. The other is that it feels good to help families, there are income tax deductions from donating to the Dalton Utilities Neighbors Helping Neighbors program, and the utilities could be kept on for a senior citizen, family with a young child, or someone else.

Applying for assistance from Dalton Utilities Neighbors Helping Neighbors

This is an emergency program that offers one time financial aid to a small number of qualified families. The funds are paid out until the money runs out. All of the money that is available is the result of donations, as indicated above, and once it runs out it is gone. So energy bill help is paid out first come – served basis.

When seeking funds from the service, bring documentation to apply. There may be identification needed, copies of all utility bills, proof of income, and more. The social service agencies, along with Dalton Utilities customer service staff, who administer the program will provide one time emergency utility bill help sparingly. There is only so much money to go around as the donations come and go throughout the year.

All of the assistance from Dalton Utilities Neighbors Helping Neighbors will be in the form of a credit on a bill. The customer will have a portion of their energy bill reduced, and then they will be given other support too. This may be help in applying for LIHEAP grants for heating or energy costs. Or free energy conservation advice, programmable thermostats, insulation, and other measures will be taken on their home.

For more details, call the company at 706-278-1313 to apply to the Dalton Utilities Neighbors Helping Neighbors program. Or to donate funds as well.