Utility Bill Assistance


Duck River Electric Project HELP assistance program

Project HELP, which is paid for by Duck River Electric Member Corporation customer donations, is used to provide financial assistance to senior citizens as well as the disabled so that they can pay their utility bills. Any funds offered are just for those individuals and that demographic group, and the money raised is only for paying heating, energy, and gas bills.

100% of the money donated goes to help those often vulnerable customers. While everyone needs their lights and utilities to remain on, the elderly as well as disabled often need more support than others. Many live on a fixed income such as retirement savings, a pension, or SSI disability checks, which are often minimal. So the monthly budget they have to work with is much less than other individuals.

In addition to often living on a fixed, limited income it is often critical for them to keep their power on. As if they lose their electricity, they may lose access to critical medical equipment like CPAP machines or something else. So this is why donations are targeted at senior citizens as well as handicapped individuals.

Donations as well as applications

Project HELP Duck River has two main parts to it. One is the donations, and those can and do come from a variety of sources including the general public, commercial customers, employees of Duck River, charitable drives, and other sources. The second part of PROJECT HELP is of course on providing emergency utility bill help to low income senior citizens as well as the disabled.

When is comes to applying for assistance, it is only for low income individuals who are over the age of 55 and/or who are disabled. The energy bill assistance is for Duck River Electric customers who are close to a shut off of their account due to unpaid bills. The company, and its partners of DREMC offices as well as the Salvation Army, do their best to help this at risk group. As indicated, it is even more critical for them to keep their power on.






The application process requires proof of age as well as disability, if applicable. It can be a mental or physical disability. When financial assistance is available, there will only be a small amount of money given from the Duck River Electric Project HELP, as it is a limited service due to income donations. The utility bill assistance will also be combined with case management services as well as advice.

As far as contributions to the program, anyone can make them. Any dollar amount given will be used wisely and it will make a difference in the lives of a struggling senior citizen or low income family. In addition, the person that donates will get a tax deduction, as 100% of it can be taken from federal or state income taxes. This makes the net cost to the donor cost less.

For more information on this service, to either donate or apply for cash, there are two ways to do this. They include the following. The Duck River Electric customer service department is at 684-4621, and this is also know as member services. Another option is to contact a Duck River office, which are located across the service territory.