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Donations for Helping Hands for Duke Energy

Duke Energy, its employees, customers, businesses and others continue to contribute and donate money to various utility bill assistance programs, including the main one which is known as Helping Hand. For example, over the next five years it is expected that qualified low income customers will be able to receive more money to pay their bills due to recent donations.

The company has historically, and continues to, donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to low-income energy assistance programs. Some money comes from employees, shareholders, customers, or the company itself. They have even contributed additional funds as part of the Edwardsport plant regulatory settlement. The bottom line is that more people will be able to receive assistance from the generosity of the company and others who donate.

As almost all people know, there is always extensive demand for utility bill assistance, especially during the winter. Assistance is even needed as the economy continues to recover, albeit at a slow pace. To give examples of what has been done, over the past decade the Duke Energy Helping Hand program has distributed over $4 million in financial assistance to lower income and struggling customers in need. Many people have paid delinquent bills from these services.

While funding and donations come and go, in some years it has been possible for customers to receive two to three times as much assistance as maybe they did in the past. Qualified customers who need help paying their monthly or annual electricity bills can receive up to $300 towards their bills as a result of Helping Hand and other charitable donations. Of course in order to receive this their local Energy Assistance Program agency in Indiana will need to determine that they are eligible based on need, their income and other criteria. A formal application process is in place.

Depending on the number of requests, and amount paid out, money from the Helping Hand program can be used to pay both winter heating bills as well as summer utility/cooling costs. If you can contribute, please do so. Any donations you can make are tax deductible, and the money will go to assist the less fortunate in your community. Call Duke Energy for the latest donation information and address, or contact Indiana Community Action Association. While you should check with your accountant, in general any money donated to Duke or Helping Hand is tax deductible.




By: Jon McNamara



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