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Assistance programs from Duke Energy

Duke Energy is one of the largest utility companies in the nation. They have three primary utility bill assistance and grant programs for customers that live in Indiana. They include the Energy Assistance Program (EAP), weatherization, as well as Helping Hands.

A program for the cold winter months is the Duke Energy Helping Hand. This is available as an financial assistance program that is currently being made available to eligible low income, elderly and disabled Duke Energy customers during the wintertime. It is a contribution/charity program that was created by Duke Energy customers, employes, shareholders, and by the company itself. Money can help Indiana customers pay their electric and energy bills.

The program is open during the fall, and Duke Energy customers should apply then. The Helping Hand Program will provide a one-time cash payment of up to $100 payment on an eligible customer's account to get them back on track with utility bills. As with any program, there are criteria that need to be met. They need to meet income guidelines, need to be age criteria or be disabled, and also facing a hardship. Read more on donating to the program.

To apply for the Helping Hand utility bill assistance program, you need to contact your local community action agency in Indiana. The local Indiana agency will notify recipients who apply for help if they are eligible for the $100 credit on their energy bills.

Federal Government and Indiana Energy Assistance Program (EAP) is an Indiana program, that also used federal funds, that was created to assist low to moderate income customers with paying their winter heating bills. The energy bill assistance program is currently being funded through the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program block grant. You also need to apply at your local Indiana community action agency for this Duke Energy supported program.

Weatherization Program for low income individuals is offered from federal government funds, and it is administered through a partnership with the state of Indiana, community action agencies, Duke Energy, and the federal government. The weatherization program is designed to provide Duke Energy customers with free energy-saving installations and energy education. All services are offered at no cost to our customers who qualify for heating bill assistance or the weatherization program as part of the state or federal government programs.

Call Duke Energy at 1-800-521-2232.




By: Jon McNamara



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