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El Paso Electric Texas Project Care utility bill help

In an effort to both (1) help struggling customers and (2) allow people to give back to the community, El Paso Electric created the Project Care utility bill assistance program. The service was created with the partnership of local social service agencies, the El Paso Electric foundation, as well as employees and management. They all work together to help less fortunate families pay their energy bills.

The entire program relies on donations as well as volunteers from the El Paso Electric service territory. All of these groups partner together to help keep heat, electricity, and gas on for struggling families. Project Care will target distribution of funds for senior citizens, the disabled, handicapped, sick, and really anyone in a financial crisis.

There will be income conditions in place in order to apply to the donation program from EPE in Texas. It is generally in line with LIHEAP criteria. But it does include income from all sources, whether it is a job, benefit (such as SNAP food stamps or TANF cash aid), disability, and other sources. All household members will also have their income combined together when applying for El Paso Electric Project Care as well.

Donations and applications to El Paso Electric in Texas

As noted, these are the two main goals. But they are in fact completely separate. One is helping customers of El Paso Electric, the other is giving people the ability to contribute to a good cause. And that is to help low income families pay their power as well as electric bills.

Both of the applications to the program, as well as contributions, can be made by calling the customer support team below. Or if someone strictly needs financial help for paying their energy bills, then they can also call upon a local social service agency. So low income families do have more than one option.




Be mindful that funds are limited. Only a small portion of a utility bill will be paid. In addition, the customer will need to take other steps around conserving energy, employment, and similar processes in order to get assistance for their account.

Generally El Paso Electric Project Care funds are combined with money from LIHEAP or some other program. So assistance is limited, with a focus on the most vulnerable in the community. This may range from seniors to those in an unexpected crisis. Many families with children are also supported by the donation program.

Contributions as well as donations can be made in any dollar increment. They can be one time, there can be a round up service entered into, or the customer can make a multiple month contribution. All aid is tax deductible; voluntary, and comes with no restrictions.

Every dollar amount is carefully used. It will not pay say salaries or administrative/operating costs. All of the donations go strictly to assist qualified families with paying their utility bills. A strict application process is used to eliminate waste/fraud in this energy bill assistance program.

For more details, or to apply for help, call the company at (915) 543-5970 or the Salvation Army for details. Or contact a social service organization for support.


By: Jon McNamara


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