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Empire District Electric Project Help utility assistance

Customers of Empire District Electric that are close to have their electricity shut off can turn to Project Help for assistance. The utility bill program, which is funded by donations and grants from the trustees at the companies charity arm, are used to help the most vulnerable keep their lights and heat on. It is administered by the Red Cross in Arkansas.

Each year there are hundreds of people who apply for assistance from it, and there are also thousands of customers as well as employees that donate. Empire District Electric Project Help also relies on key partnerships from the community to assist with administration and to also ensure the funds get to those who are truly deserving.

When seeking assistance for energy bills, all different resources are explored too. It is always important to remember that Empire District Electric Project Help is just one tool. Also, the fact is, that since it does use donations from the public to run it, the amount of aid provided is limited as are the number of people supported. In many cases it may be much more beneficial for the household to apply for LIHEAP first or to enter into some form of payment agreement.

The best course of action for the customer is to usually combine all of these services. Empire District Electric Project Help, since it is run locally using generous donations, will often be effective at offering emergency relief. IT is a private option as well, so the application process is not quite as long and complicated.

However even when applying for this program, it is restricted based on incomes, age, and medical issue. Project Help will help the most vulnerable, such as elderly and/or disabled in the community. It may also assist those customers with young children that are about to have their electricity turned off.

As noted, donations are used for Project Help, and that is why it may be more readily available. The American Red Cross will accept the money and sort it as needed. On the other hand, LIHEAP is a government funded program in Arkansas. There is a one time per year applications process and it takes time to apply and get the money.






As noted, Empire District Electric Project Help is often combined with utility bill payment plans. This will not only give the customer direct aid for paying an arrears on their account, but the payment plan may make the balance more manageable. The company usually combines the donation program with the other services as when taking together, they can be very effective for keeping the heat on.

Therefore, for more information on these various forms of assistance (or to contribute) then call the customer service team at (866) 923-2483. There may be times in which they direct the customer to an agency in their local town to apply at. This too can accelerate the application process. Call the company about Empire District Electric Project Help as early as possible.

By: Jon McNamara


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