Utility Bill Assistance


Find additional help in Missouri with We Energies.

Utility bill payments are becoming a struggle to pay for many Wisconsin families. With thousands of Wisconsin and Milwaukee-area families facing job losses and possible utility shutoffs, We Energies, along with the Social Development Commission, are strongly urging Wisconsin families to take advantage of several different options out there to help them avoid losing power and their electric service.

We Energies customers who may be experiencing financial difficulties and were behind on bills are now having their utility service disconnected. We Energies estimates over 60,000 customers in the region are far enough behind on their utility bills to lose their service. Disconnection notices have begun to be sent out as of March to those customers.

We Energies recommends that for customers to avoid disconnection, that Wisconsin families need to pursue flexible payment plans and arrangements with the utility company and tap the emergency cash assistance grants that are provided by SDC.

The SDC Energy Assistance Program, which manages and distributes funds and grants in Milwaukee County that are provided by the Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance program, runs through May 15. So be sure to apply for assistance before the program ends.